A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Junkyards

Although there are over 60,000 auto junkyards in the US, millions of Americans use these inexpensive solutions to the high cost of auto repairs, but there are still many people who don’t understand how a junkyard works, and this article is written for such people.

We are Used Auto Parts and have been serving the great people over many years. Call us for all your used auto parts and used truck parts. But first, let’s talk about scrap car yards and the purpose they serve.

A long, long time ago, the scrapping began.

Take us back to the birth of the car. America went from a nation of horses and carriages to a nation of gasoline engines almost overnight, a swap of four helmets for four tires, an exciting moment in which the power of horsepower was discovered under the hoods of newly built cars and trucks. .It was an exciting time, love for cars/trucks grew and everything was great until, unsurprisingly, these newfangled machines started to break down and stop working.

A new problem emerged: What to do with cars and trucks that don’t work or are totaled?

The recyclables depot is born! The junkyard, originally known as a junkyard or junkyard, was a place where the hulls of once-operating motor vehicles were scrapped. There their metals were mined, melted down for reuse, or their shells were crushed and buried in landfills.

This went on for a while, until one day an enterprising individual realized that there was money to be made from all the working parts of these non-working vehicles. Why not sell used car parts at a discount to people who know how to fit them into their own vehicles? Why not sell your used seats and windshields, fuel pumps and trunk lids? The old adage “one man’s scrap is another man’s treasure” certainly applies to used car parts, right? And so the modern junkyard was born.

Fast forward to the original DIY brigades and auto junkyards And what a blessing they were! As the do-it-yourself movement grew in this country, and more and more people visited the auto repair shop at school or taught themselves how an engine works, many car owners realized that repairing cars could save a lot of money. at home, and more money could be saved by buying used rather than new car parts.

Nothing but win-win in today’s world

It’s no coincidence that junkyards boom when the economy is struggling. It was true during the 2008 recession, it was certainly true during the Great Depression, and it is true today as we emerge from the pandemic years. People save money by buying used parts from junkyards and the environment wins because all unsold parts are recycled and reused.