Armored vehicles FAQs 

What is the most common armored vehicle?

Some of the most common vehicles include Troy Armoring armored SUV, Mercedes-Benz S-Guard  600, Audi A8 Security, Cadillac Escalade, Bulletproof Lexus LX 570, Genesis G90 Sedan, Bulletproof Dodge Charger Hellcat, Bulletproof BMW 750i, Ford F150, Bulletproof Chevrolet Express, Volvo XC 90, etc.

What is the purpose of armored vehicles?

These vehicles are used to provide protection to the passengers and to also ensure the safety of the vehicle. These vehicles are made using high-quality materials and are quite rough and tough. In case of any attack on the vehicle, they not only safeguard the passenger but also everyone accompanying along.

Are armored cars bullet-proof?

Most of the armored cars are resistant to bullets because the windows are made with a special kind of ballistic glass.

How much do armored cars cost?

These vehicles may range from $300,000-$1 million but if safety is your concern, this budget is nothing that you will pay.

What metal is used in armored cars?

Different parts of these vehicles have different types of materials that have some of the finest qualities and can withstand any attack or damage. In most of these vehicles, ballistic steel which is also known as armor or protection steel is used. They are made of hard steel that can withstand a blast.

How many bullets can an armour car take?

Well, it depends from car to car and also from what range the bullet is fired. For instance, if you get an armored car with level one protection, it should be able to save you at least three shorts from a 9MM handgun.

What is the difference between regular and light weight armor?

When the vehicle is being armored, the same task can be done with a wide range of materials to serve the same purpose. Regular armors are quite heavy and thick whereas light-weight armor weigh much less and offers flexibility.

How much weight is added to the car with armory?

It depends on the material that is being used to armor the car and the type of production that you need.

Is it difficult to operate an armored car?

Because an armed car weighs more than a regular car and also has adjusted dimensions and special features, you might require a special kind of training to operate such vehicles.